(Vocal Workshop) Anna Karabesini - Amalia Papastefanou:  The first recorded Dodekanese Repertoire

Stars on 18/7 Monday, 17.00-20.00
Loutra Nisyros (Duration 3 hours, min 4 max 10 participants - 4 days)

The most important singers of Dodekanese that where featured in discography of the 78 rpm, are these who made the dodekanese repertoire famous all over Greece and abroad, in any place in the world inhabited by greekspeaking immigrants. The goal of this workshop is to learn more about their life and repertoire. We will learn to sing some of their famous songs, but also some not so well known, we will observe in which state they were infuenced by the minor asian music, but also from central greek repertoire. When this workshop finishes we will end up loving them a bit more!

Instructor: Haroula Tsalpara